Wooler Mart, November 13

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At their weekly Prime Stock sale John Swan Limited had forward and sold 1,006 lambs and 206 ewes.

Lambs sold at similar rates, again quality receiving a major premium.

Leading Prices Per Head:- Tex.x:- £84.50p, £80.50p, £80 Black Heddon, £80 Brandon White House, Lilburn Estates and East Fleetham. £79 Brandon White House, Mindrum Farming Co (2), Bewick Folly (2), Low Middleton (2). Suff.x:- £80 Lilburn Estates, £79 Low Middleton, £78 Howtel and East Fleetham, £77 Mindrum Farming Co. Ven:- £75.50p South Lyham. C.M:- £74 Bewick Folly. Bel:- £78 Lilburn Estates.

Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Tex.x:- 201.2p Black Heddon, 190p Mindrum Farming Co, 189.7p Lilburn Esates, 188.1p Low Middleton, 187.8p Mindrum Farming Co and Black Heddon, 184.2p Henlaw, 183.7p Mindrum Farming Co and Brandon White House, 183.3p Yetlington Lane, 182.5p Bewick Folly, 182.1p Titlington Mount. Bel:- 200p Ladykirk, 195p Lilburn Estates, 189p Henlaw. Suff.x:- 181.4p Howtel. C.M:- 185p Bewick Folly.

Ewe numbers similar, sold at late rates.

Ewes:- Sfx:- £77 West Longridge, £73 East Fleetham, Newstead. Tex:- £69 3 Newburn Holdings, £61 Creswell Farms, Bel:- £60 Sandylands, LLY:- £55 Lilburn Estates. Mule:- £50, £47 Lilburn Estates, £47 West Longridge.