Wooler Mart, May 6

Livestock prices at Wooler Mart.
Livestock prices at Wooler Mart.

At their fortnightly store sale John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 147 cattle.

Cattle a slightly plainer show and with deflating beef market all classes a touch harder to cash.

Leading Prices per head - Steers- Sim.x:- £1070 Alnham. Lim.x:- £1050 Ladykirk, £940, £930 Brockley Hall, £910 Wandon. A.A.x:- £1000, £990, £980 South Lyham, £960 Birchwood Hall, £950 Whitemire, £930, £900 (2) South Lyham.

Leading prices per head - Heifers- A.A.x:- £1080 South Lyham, £890 South Lyham and Doxford Dairy, £870 Birchwood Hall, £860 South Lyham. Char:- £950 Birchwood Hall, £950, £920, £900, £890, £860 Elilaw. Lim.x:- £930 Wandon, £870 Brockley Hall, £865 Birchwood Hall.

Leading prices per kilo - Steers- Lim.x:- 249.3p Brockley Hall and Wandon, 238.7p Shotton. Sim.x:- 249.3p, 246.8p Shotton. A.A.x:- 246.2p Wandon, 237p Birchwood Hall. Char.x:- 235.1p Fawdon Farms.

Leading prices per kilo - Heifers- Lim.x:- 238.5p Wandon, 232p Shotton, 223.5p Fawdon Farms. Char.x:- 229p, 223.8p Fawdon Farms, 226p, 223.3p 221.3p, 220p Elilaw.