Wooler Mart, May 5

Livestock prices at Wooler Mart.
Livestock prices at Wooler Mart.

At their fortnightly store sale John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 187 store cattle. Quality less as last draws appear, but all classes still sought after.

Leading Prices Per Head – Steers:- A.A.x:- £1175, £1140, £1080, £1060, £1020 Abberwick and East Bolton.

Herf.x:- £1060, £990 Chatton Park. Lim.x:- £1030 Brockley Hall, £970 Branton Eastside, £940 Brockley Hall and Branton Eastside. Sim.x:- £950 Chatton Park.

Leading Prices Per Head – Heifers:- Lim.x:- £970 South Falaknowe, £865 Fawdon Farms, £840 Branton Eastside.

A.A.x:- £880, £870, £855 Abberwick and East Bolton, £850 Shawdon Woodhouse. Char.x:- £870, £855 (2), £835 Fawdon Farms

Leading Prices Per Kilo – Steers;- Lim.x:- 289.2p, 245.3p, 239.5p Shotton, 247.2p, 234.7p Branton Eastside. Sim.x:- 282.1p Shotton.

A.A.x:- 242.7p Cockhall, 241.1p Shotton, 237p Cockhall

Leading Prices Per Kilo – Heifers;- Lim.x:- 262.5p Branton Eastside, 262.2p (2) Shotton, 238.1p Newburn. A.A.x:- 245.9p Shotton. Char.x:- 236.2p Fawdon Farms.