Wooler Mart, May 27

Livestock prices at Wooler Mart.
Livestock prices at Wooler Mart.

At their weekly sale of primestock, John Swan Limited had forward and sold 535 spring lambs, 198 hoggs and young sheep and 290 ewes.

Lambs appearing in numbers. Trade similar on the week, light weights again the premium catchers.

Leading Prices Per Head:- Char.x:- £90 Falsidehill. Sfx:- £90 Marshall Meadows, £80 (2) Holy Island, £78 Edlingham Newtown. Roug:- £84 West Longridge. Tex:- £84 Marshall Meadows, £82 Ladykirk, Holy Island, Lilburn Estates & Cresswell Farms, £80 Cresswell Farms and Marshall meadows, £78 Barelees.

Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Bel:- 204.2p (2) Chillingham Home Farm. Tex:- 197.4p Ladykirk, 197.2p Ewart, 195.1p, 195p Marshall Meadows, 195p Gunnerton Fell, 194.9p Newstead, 194.6p Ladykirk, 193.6p Shipley Lane, 190.7p Holy Island, 190p Ladykirk. Sfx:- 192.1p (2) Shipley Lane, 189.7p Newstead.

Hoggs and Young Sheep trade remaining similar.

Leading Prices Per Head:- Mule:- £77.50p, £73.50p Ladykirk, £66.50p Lilburn Estates. Sfx:- £72.50p Elwick. Tex:- £71 (2) Ladykirk, £70.50p Burradon Mains and Elwick. BF:- £65 Birchwood Hall. Bel:- £64 Ladykirk.

Ewes again a flier.

Leading Prices Per Head:- Tex:- £113 8 Lamberton, £102 Marshall Meadows, £98.50p Elwick, £93 Lilburn Estates, £92 Shipley Lane. Sfx:- £100 (2) Lilburn Estates, £98 Lilburn Estates and Holy Island, £97 West Longridge, £94 Lilburn Estates, Shipley Lane and Burradon Mains. Char:- £95 Newstead. Mule:- £91.50p Lilburn Estates, £87 Shipley Lane, £86 West Longridge, £85 Marshall Meadows. Jac:- £73 Marshall Meadows.