Wooler Mart, March 11

The Lim x steer which won the Robin Scott Trophy at Wooler Livestock Centre.
The Lim x steer which won the Robin Scott Trophy at Wooler Livestock Centre.

At their fortnightly sale, John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 357 store cattle.

The annual show for the Robin Scott Trophy was also held which was kindly sponsored by Minsups, represented by Nikki Gilbertson and expertly judged by David Carins, Gardeners Houses, who awarded the championship to Messrs RW & K Telford, Branton East Side, for a Lim.x Steer weighing 410kg and selling at £1150 to the judge.

Reserve Champion went to Messrs E Carse & Son, South Ord, for a Lim.x Steer weighing 430kg and selling at £1080 to Messrs S & J Allen, Longnewton.

Buyers turned up in numbers all looking for cattle resulting in returns greater than expectations. More cattle could easily be sold at this centre to advantage.

Leading Prices per head - Steers- Char: £1270, £1210 East Ditchburn; £1200, £1180 Newsead; £1160, £1130 Brandon; £1120 East Ditchburn; £1100 Newstead, Brandon & Fawdon. Lim: £1200, £1160 Wandon; £1150, £1130 Branton East Side; £1100 Wandon & Brandon; £1080 South Ord; £1070 Newstead; £1020 Barmoor Red House. AA: £1180, £1120 £1110 (2) Abberwick & East Bolton; £1060 Cockhall.

Leading prices per head - Heifers- Char: £1120 Newstead; £1110 Brandon; £1050 East Ditchburn; £1030 Newstead & Brandon; £1020 £1010 Newstead. Lim - £1110 £1090 £1030 £1020 £1000 Wandon; £1000 Brandon & Newstead. AA - £1090 Brandon

Leading prices per kilo - Steers- Char: 282p Fawdon; 256.5p East Ditchburn; 251.5p East Ditchburn; 251.3p Fawdon; 250.6p Brandon. Lim: 280.5p, 272p, 262.8p, 261.2p, 256p, 254.4p, 254p, 250p Branton East Side; 263.9p, 261.2p South Ord; 256.5p Shotton. AA: 241.3p Cockhall.

Leading prices per kilo - Heifers- Char: 251.5p, 244.8p, 240.4p, 236.8p, 236.5p Fawdon; 234.8p, 233.8p Newstead; 233.7p Brandon; 230.8p East Ditchburn. Lim: 248.5p, 245.7p, 236.2p, 232.6p Branton East Side; 238.5p Wandon; 233.3p Barmoor Red House; 232.4p South Ord.