Wooler Mart, January 8

At their weekly prime stock sale, John Swan Limited had forward and sold 880 hoggs and 397 ewes and rams.

Hoggs again a good show with late rates maintained. More could have been sold to vendors advantage.

Leading prices per head - Tex.x: £88 Wrangham East, £87 East Fleetham, £85 Lilburn Estates and Lorbottle, £84.50p, £84 East Fleetham, £83 Inland Pasture, Cockhall, Fawdon Farms and Springhill, Seahouses, £82.50p West Longridge, £82 Mindrum Farming Co, Lickar Moor, Inland Pasture and Lorbottle. Zwa: £85 Wrangham East. Suff.x: £84.50p Todrig, £82 East Fleetham, £81.50p Ladykirk, £81 Titlington Mount. Char.x: £84 East Fleetham. Bel: £84, £82.50p (2) Ladykirk. Ven: £79.50p (2) North Lyham. Chev:- £78.50p (2) North Lyham, £78 Biddlestone Home Farm, £77 (2) Humbleheugh.

Leading Prices Per Kilo - Bel:- 217.1p Ladykirk, 211.8p Lorbottle, 200p Ladykirk. Tex: 205p Mindrum Farming Co, 202.4p Cockhall, 198.8p Mindrum Farming Co, 198.7p Branton Eastside and Lickar Moor, 197.5p Cockhall, 196.3p Mindrum Farming Co. Chev: 189.7p Branton Eastside, 188.8p North Lyham. Ven: 193.9p North Lyham. Mule: 182.1p Village Farm.

Ewes a larger show, all classes sought after with more horned ewes on offer. Dearer on the week.

Leading Prices - Tex: £99 Wrangham East, £95 East Fleetham and Wrangham East. Suff.x: £86.50p Middle Ord, £85 Lickar Moor, £82.50p Edlingham Newtown and Chillingham Home Farm. BFL: £85 Edlingham Newtown, £80 Clennel. Bel: £78.50p Chillingham Home Farm.

Mule: £61 Middle Ord, £59 Cresswell Farms. BF: £54 Edlingham Newtown, £50 Clennel.

Rams - Tex:- £120 Cresswell Farms. BFL: £109 Clennel.