Wooler Mart, January 29

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At their weekly Prime Stock sale John Swan Limited had forward and sold 865 hoggs and 153 ewes and rams.

Slightly less numbers forward, all classes meeting a slight resistance resulting in easier returns.

Leading Prices Per Head:- Chv:- £93.50p, £86.50p, £80.50p Humbleheugh. Sfx:- £85 North Lyham, £82 Newstead, North Lyham, £81 Mindrum Farming Co. Tex:- £82 West Longridge, £80 Yetlington Lane, North Lyham, South Charlton, £79.50p Springhill, Seahouses, £79 West Longridge, Mindrum Farming Co, Greystonnes. Ven:- £75 North Lyham. CHM:- £76 (2) South Charlton. Mule:- £74 Great Ryle. Zwa:- £77 Linhope Farming (Hartside), £75 Mindrum (TP Fairfax). Bel:- £80, £79, £78 (2), £77.50p Ladykirk. Chx:- £72 Linhope Farming (Hartside).

Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Tex:- 205.4p Greystonnes, 200p, 198.7p Cockhall, 197.4p Yetlington Lane, 196.3p Mindrum Farming Co (D Brown). Sfx:- 200p Greystonnes, 194.9p Ladykirk, Craigshouse, 194.7p Cockhall, 192.5p Howtel. Ven:- 182.9p North Lyham. CHM:- 190p, 188.5p South Charlton. Chv:- 196.1p Great Ryle, 194.9p Biddlestone Home Farm, 193.9p Humbleheugh, 191.3p Fawdon Farms. Mule:- 180.5p Great Ryle. Bel:-197.4p, 190.2p, 185.7p Ladykirk. Chv.x:- 186.8p, 184.6p Linhope Farming Co.

Ewes. Ewe numbers tighter, with similar returns achieved.

Leading Prices:- Suf:- £91 Henlaw, £83 Chesterhill, £77 Eildon Cottage, £74 Chesterhill.

Bel:- £83 Henlaw. Tex:- £79 Eildon Cottage, £66 (2) Henlaw, £63 Kimmerston, £61 Cockhall.

BFL:- £81 Alwinton Farm. Chv:- £49.50p Fawdon Farms. Mule:- £55 Castlelaw, £53 Todrig, £52.50p Doune Brae, £52 Kimmerston, Doune Brae. BF:- £43 Clennel, £42 Linhope Farming Co. Swa:- £39 Fawdon Farms.

Rams:- Suf:- £98 Chesterhill. BFL:- £91 Clennel.