Wooler Mart, January 22

At their weekly Prime Stock sale John Swan Limited had forward and sold 1,028 hoggs and 377 ewes and rams.

Larger numbers of hoggs forward, all classes in keen demand, heavy weight’s easily sold. The sale showing a significant rise.

Leading Prices Per Head: Tex.x:- £92, £90.50p (2) Ewart, £90.50p Holy Island, £89.50p Low Middleton, £88 Lilburn Estates, Hedgeley Farms and Lorbottle, £87.50p Black Heddon, £87 Newstead, Ewart and Ladykirk. Suff:- £93 Kypie, £92.50p Brockley Hall, £89.50p Brandon White House, £87.50p Brockley Hall. Chev:- £89.50p, £86.50p, £85 Humbleheugh, £85 Ewart. Bel:- £87.50p (2), £83 Ladykirk. Mule:- £85, £82, £81, £80 Ewart. BF:- £68 Hedgeley Farms.

Leading Prices Per Kilo: Bel:- 218.8p, 212.8p Ladykirk. Tex:- 210.3p Yetlington lane, 210p Mindrum Farming Co, 208.8p Low Middleton, 208.3p Black Heddon, 207.7p Ormiston Mains, 207.5p Mindrum Farming Co, 205p Biddlestone Home Farm. Suff.x:- 208.6p Mid Edrom, 206.4p Ladykirk, 206.3p Mid Edrom. Chev:- 206.4p Ormiston Mains. Mule:- 194.9p Ormiston Mains, 191p, 189p Hedgeley Farms. BF:- 183.8p Hedgeley Farms.

A strong show of ewes, resulting in an increase in returns.

Leading Prices:- Suf:- £98 Kypie. Tex:- £96.50p, £90, £80 The Hagg, £80 East Fleetham, £78 Holy Island. Sfx:- £85 Holy Island, £82 East Fleetham, £79 Pallinsburn. Chv:- £75.50p, £69.50p Humbleheugh. Mule:- £60 Chesterhill, £57.50p Brackenside, £56 Brockley Hall, £54 Holy Island. BF:- £43 Edlingham Newtown.

Rams:- Suf:- £77 Kypie, £73 Brockley Hall. Tex:- £71 Village Farm. BF:- £65 BlackMountain.