Wooler Mart, January 20

Livestock prices at Wooler Mart.
Livestock prices at Wooler Mart.

At their first fortnightly store sale of 2015, John Swan Limited had forward and sold 44 store cattle.

Catalogued numbers were curtailed due to adverse weather conditions, but selling vendors kicked off the New Year with a flier well above their expectations.

Leading Prices Per Head – Steers:- A.A.x:- £1290, £1250 Springhill, Berwick upon Tweed. Lim.x:- (12m) £1150, £1000 Campfield Farm, Berwick upon Tweed. Char.x:- (10m) £1150, £1080, £1050, £1010 Great Ryle. A.A.x (6-7m) £900 Shotton.

Leading Prices Per Head – Heifers:- A.A.x:- £1180 Springhill, Berwick Upon Tweed. Char.x (10m) £1075 Great Ryle. Lim.x (12m) £1065 Campfield Farm.

Leading Prices Per Kilo – Steers:- Char.x:- 277.1p, 264.2p, 247.1p, 245.5p Great Ryle. A.A.x:- 267.1p, 256.4p Shotton. Lim.x:- 259.7p Shotton.

Leading Prices Per Kilo – Heifers:- Lim.x:- 236.7p Campfield Farm,. Char.x:- 235.9p, 231.2p (2) Great Ryle.