Wooler Mart, December 18

At their weekly primestock sale, John Swan Limited had forward and sold 888 lambs and 168 ewes.

With the Christmas period approaching all classes were treat with a little caution, slightly easier but returns acceptable.

Leading Prices Per Head:- Tex.x:- £85 Lorbottle, £82, £81.50 Lickar Moor, £81.50 Cockhall, £80 Lorbottle and Todrig, £79.50 Lickar Moor, £79 Mindrum Farming Co, £78 Cockhall and West Longridge, £77 Lilburn Estates (2), West Longridge and Lickar Moor. Suff.x:- £80 Brockley Hall and Lilburn Estates, £78 Lilburn Estates and Shipley Lane, £77.50 Treaty Park.

Chev:- £80 Humbleheugh and Hartside (Linhope Farming Co). Bel.x:- £75 (3) Ladykirk. Ven:- £74.50, £74 North Lyham. CM:- £72 South Charlton. BF:- £72 Ladykirk.

Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Tex.x:- 198.8p Cockhall, 190p (3) Mindrum Farming Co, 190p Auchencrow Mains (C Mcalpine), 186.1p (4) Chatton Park, 185.5p Todrig, 185.4p Black Heddon, 184.9p Lickar Moor, 184.6p Black Heddon, 184.2p Village Farm. Suff.x:- 190.2p Shipley Lane, 185.4p Mindrum Farming Co, 182.5p Todrig. Chev:- 185.4p Hartside (Linhope Farming Co). Ven:- 181.7p North Lyham.

Ewe numbers similar, with a slight increase in returns.

Leading Prices:- Tex.x:- £96, £77, £70 Black Heddon. Suff.x:- £86 Great Ryle, £83 Lickar Moor. Chev:- £71 Hartside (Linhope Farming Co) GF:- £56 Black Heddon, £55 Brockley Hall and Lowick Moorhouse, £53 Shawdon Woodhouse, £51 Lilburn Estates. BF:- £47 Hartside (Linhope Farming Co), £42 Great Ryle, £41 Lowick Moorhouse.