Wooler Mart, April 21

Livestock prices at Wooler Mart.
Livestock prices at Wooler Mart.
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At their fortnightly store sale, John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 80 store cattle.

A small, smart show meet a unprecedented demand to return one of the dearest trades of the season, more could easily be handled.

Averages – Steers:- 57 - 251p. Averages – Heifers:- 23 – 228.1p.

Leading Prices per head up to 12 months- Steers- A.A.x:- £1090, £1040, £980, £975, £960 (2), £945 Wandon, £1000, £980, £960, £940 Alnham. Char.x:- £970, £950 Alnham. Sim.x:- £950 Shotton. Lim.x:- £900 Shotton.

Leading prices per head up to 12 months - Heifers- A.A.x:- £1090 Gatherick, £910 South Ord. Lim.x:- £925 Gatherick.

Leading prices per kilo - Steers- Lim.x:- 281.5p, 277.1p, 263.2p, 254p Shotton. A.A.x:- 254p Shotton. A.A.x:- 274.6p, 267p, 257.9p, 256p Wandon, 247.2p, 246.1p Alnham. Char.x:- 273.8p, 258.7p, 250p Alnham.

Leading prices per kilo - Heifers- A.A.x:- 252p South Ord. Lim.x:- 249.2p Shotton.