Wooler Livestock, March 12

Livestock prices at Wooler Mart.
Livestock prices at Wooler Mart.

At their weekly primestock sale, John Swan Limited had forward and sold 767 hoggs and 134 ewes.

Hoggs forward in greater numbers. Quality types the dearest trade of the year, tail ends appearing.

Leading Prices Per Head:- Sfx:- £103.50p Ford Westfield, £100 Ford Westfield, Howtel, £98.50p Craigs House, £97.50p Brandon, £95 Ford Westfield. Tex:- £102 Hartside ( A Hutcheon), £99, £98 Ford Westfield, £94 South Charlton. CM:- £88 South Charlton. Suf:- £98 Mindrum Farming Co. Bla:- £85 Linhope Farming (Hartside), Mules:- £93.50p Ladykirk, Ford Westfield, £89 Craigs House, £87 West Longridge, Ladykirk, £85 West Longridge. BF:- £85 Ladykirk, £84 South Charlton (M Hall). Zwa:- £94.50p Mindrum (T P Fairfax). Cha:- £90 Craigs House. Bel:- £86 Ladykirk.

Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Tex:-221.3p Ladykirk, 220.5p Yetlington lane, 220.3p Moorlaws, 218.9p Mindrum Farming Co, 218.8p Kimmerston, Greystonnes. Sfx:- 217.5p Greystonnes, 215.9p Mindrum Farming Co, 213.4p Moorlaws. Bla:- 202.4p Linhope Farming (Hartside). Mules:- 205.1p Shotton, 205p West Longridge, 202.6p Moorlaws, 202.4p, 202.3p West Longridge, 202.3p Craigs House. Chv:- 218.8p South Charlton (M Hall), 215p South Charlton, 214.3p Greystonnes, 213.5p Shotton. Chx:- 208.1p Mindrum Farming (T P Fairfax), 202.4p Linhope Farming (Hartside) Bel:- 220.5p, 215.8p Ladykirk.

Numbers tighter but with a better trade.

Leading Prices:- Sfx:- £90 Lilburn Estates, £89 Grantsbank. Tex:- £82 Grantsbank, £78.50p Lilburn Estate. Chv:- £65, £64 Mowhaugh. Bla:- £80 Grantsbank. Mules:- £73 Lilburn Estates, Grantsbank, Howtel, £72 Hoppen Hall. BF:- £62 Lilburn Estates, £53 West Longridge.

Rams: Tex:- £98 West Longridge. BFL:- £80 West Longridge.