Wildfire warnings

THE CLA is urging everybody to take great care when out and about in the countryside, following vegetation fires breaking out.

Angus Collingwood-Cameron, CLA North East director, said: “The rain last Saturday certainly reduced the risk, but the FRS still has to spend time tackling vegetation fires in Northumberland. With a return to dry weather and another long holiday to come, the countryside is at great risk of devastating wildfire.

“Most fires are caused by carelessness, so being thoughtful can prevent the problem occurring. Barbecues, cigarette ends and Chinese lanterns can all be culprits. Users can control barbecues and cigarettes, and I urge them to do so. However, once released, the user cannot control lanterns.

“We are now well outside the permitted burning season. Therefore any vegetation fires will be of the wild variety. If visitors see such fires, they should call 999 straight away.”