Weekend nursery trials put dogs to the test

THE Northumberland Sheep Dog League held a nursery trial at Debdon Farm, Rothbury, on Saturday.

Mark Day, from Alwinton, judged 17 dogs working well-behaved Blackface hoggs over a challenging hill course.

Results: 1 Paul Turnbull, Rothbury, with Roy, 85/100pts; 2 Alan Clark, Longhoughton, Cap, 75; 3 Allan Wallace, Bellingham, Flash, 71; 4 Ron Macrae, Netherwitton, Coal, 70; 5 Tony Iley, Longframlington, Scout, 70; 6 Domonic Naylor, Wooler, Moss 67.

The novice prize went to Peter Telfer, from Haydon Bridge, with Meg, 75.

The following day, a nursery trial was held at the Fawns Farm, Cambo.

Craig Stewart, from Stow, judged 12 dogs working very testing Texel hoggs over a good field course.

Results: 1 Paul Turnbull, Rothbury, Roy 81; 2 Bevis Jordan, Whitfield, Pearl 76; 3 Scott Smith, Seahouses, Kim 73; 4 Willie Armstrong, Belford, Joe 50; 5 Mark Day, Alwinton, Don, 48; 6 Gordon Watt, Corbridge, Cirran, 37. The novice prize went to Jane Wynn, from Capheaton, with Fly, 65.