Website for anything with paws and claws

Dawn and Donna Friar, with some of the products they are selling from their website.
Dawn and Donna Friar, with some of the products they are selling from their website.

A set of twins in north Northumberland, who were made redundant from their jobs recently, have set up their own pet supplies business.

Dawn and Donna Friar launched Pawz ‘N’ Clawz about two weeks ago using the redundancy money after they were laid off from the farm where they worked for five years.

The 21-year-olds have used the cash from Sunny Hill Eggs in Detchant to buy initial stock and they are running the online business from Dawn’s house in Bamburgh.

“We started the business two weeks ago, because we were made redundant,” said Dawn.

“We thought we would put our money to good use and start something up.

“We have always wanted to have our own business and we like pets so we thought it would be a good idea to do this.”

And while the pair really enjoyed their jobs at Sunny Hill, Dawn said that they were ‘really excited’ to be working for themselves now and setting up their own business.

Although it is very early days, Dawn said that it is going OK so far, but they are hoping it will pick up.

“We are hoping people start to hear about it,” she added.

At the moment, their website – – sells supplies for dogs and cats.

“We have got plans to branch out into other supplies within about six or seven months depending how it goes,” Dawn said. “At the moment, it’s for dogs and cats; leads, collars, beds, toys and general things like that.”

So for now, it is about spreading the word, with Facebook and Twitter accounts and flyers and business cards that they have sent out.

Some have even gone to Spain and America, where the two have family, one of the advantages of running an online business.

The pair, former pupils at Alnwick’s Duchess’s High School and Seahouses First and Middle schools, also thanked their family for supporting their idea.