Waste firm sells up

Northumberland Waste Services Ltd, (NWS) set up in April 2007 by former Alnwick mayor and district councillor Kevin Thompson, has been bought by The Durham Company (TDC) Waste Management, after an approach from directors.

Mr Thompson, managing director of NWS, said: “TDC Waste Management are a well-established waste management company based in Durham with significant contracts throughout County Durham, Tyne and Wear, Darlington and Teesside.

“We were approached by their directors last autumn, who were looking at proactively expanding their operations up into Northumberland and the Borders.

“My prime concern was the effect on our existing business and the job security of our staff.

“Our options were either to compete, or to explore ways of working together.

“Fortunately we were able to come to an amicable agreement over the sale of assets and transfer of existing staff, that ensured their continued employment.”

NWS was launched when Mr Thompson teamed up with Manners’ Haulage to offer a commercial waste collection to local businesses.

Bryan Thompson was appointed as a director of the company after he quit as environmental services manager at the then Alnwick District Council.

But in December 2007 Kevin Thompson had to publicly apologise to the district council for breaching the code of conduct for councillors by not declaring directorship of NWS within 28 days and failing to tell the council that he intended to appoint a member of the council staff as one of the directors.

Mr Thompson added: “NWS was conceived simply to provide a more competitive deal for businesses in north Northumberland for waste disposal.

“We have always tried to provide an efficient high value service to our customers and hope that TDC Waste Management will continue to do the same, benefitting from the economies of scale that will allow the necessary future investment in customers, technology, equipment and staff that will continue to deliver the quality of service that businesses in Northumberland expect.

“It has been an interesting journey and one that the directors are particularly proud of, but it is important to recognise when it is time to move on.”

Scott Hawthorne, managing director of TDC Waste Management, said: “The acquisition of NWS provided an extension to our service coverage into Northumberland and the Borders of Scotland, as well as securing five full-time jobs for existing NWS employees and currently TDC Waste Management is integrating the former customer base of NWS.

“As a direct result of the acquisition, TDC Waste Management has established a local depot and office in Alnwick and it is further envisaged that two new sales positions will be created locally in the very near future, to supplement the existing sales team of five based at our head office in Tyne and Wear.”

He added: “The cost of waste collections in Northumberland is significant and continually rising and TDC Waste Management, through its economies of scale, is offering businesses in Northumberland more choice and the lowest waste management prices in Northumberland for commercial wheelie bin collections.”

The company is also looking to replace the collection wagons in the near future.