VET’S DIARY: First aid tips for man’s best friend

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After the success of our physiotherapy evening with Hazel Potter earlier this year we have been thinking about what our clients might like next.

As a practice we think it’s important to provide a service that extends beyond our consulting rooms and into your homes.

So we were wondering – would you know what to do in an emergency situation with your dog?

We are inviting our clients to join us for an evening of canine first aid.

Here you will learn the basics of identifying and dealing with emergency situations, be that bee stings, bleeding, heat stroke or choking.

You will also be able to get answers to some of the more common questions, for example, is human medicine safe for your dog?

We will also discuss useful first aid techniques to help those dogs who are frightened of fireworks.

Our vet will talk you through the signs to look out for, what you can do at home, or out on a walk, and when you should call your vet.

We will aim to provide you with valuable, practical knowledge that you can utilise with confidence if you find your dog in a potentially dangerous situation.

The evening will take place within Heighley Gate Garden Centre, just outside of Morpeth. The start time is 7pm. Refreshments will be available.

There will be no charge for this talk.

Places are limited so call your local surgery to book or email, Morpeth ring 01670 505321 or Alnwick on 01670 510999.