Uncertainty over what could happen in event of yes vote

Terence Pardoe, Coastal Grains' Chief Executive
Terence Pardoe, Coastal Grains' Chief Executive

One of the fears raised by businesses regarding a yes vote is the uncertainty that it brings.

Recently, Sir Mike Rake, president of one of the country’s biggest business lobbies, the CBI, said that Scottish independence is a ‘one-way ticket to uncertainty with no return’.

Other business leaders in Scotland have backed a breakaway from the UK, but uncertainty about what will happen could affect firms in north Northumberland too.

Coastal Grains, based at Belford, is a co-operative which stores and markets grain for members on both sides of the border.

Chief executive Terence Pardoe said: “We have no view on it until there is a vote one way or another and then have to see what transpires and how it may affect us.

“If there is a yes vote, there will have to be a period of re-organisation, and we do not yet know what will be involved in the transfer of centralisation. If there is a no vote, then the assumption is that nothing will change to affect the business.

“It would therefore be a waste of time planning something which we do not know how it will evolve.”