Tony Scouts out a trials first place

THE Northumberland Sheep Dog League held a nursery trial at Greenleighton Farm, Corbridge, on Saturday.

Terry Cashmore, from Leistershire, judged 16 dogs working strong-willed Texel X sheep over a large hillside course.

Results: 1Tony Iley, (Longframlington) with Scout, 83/100pts; 2 Tony Iley, Strike, 80/100; 3 Scott Smith, (Seahouses), Kim 75/100; 4 Bevis Jordan, (Whitfield), Pearl, 64/100; 5 Paul Turnbull, (Rothbury), Roy 59/100; 6 Mike Northwood, (East Woodburn), Queen, 59/100.

The novice prize went to Peter Telfer, (Haydon Bridge), Meg 69/100.