The sky’s the limit for high-tech business

A view from the air towards Beadnell. Copyright Horizon Aerial Photography.
A view from the air towards Beadnell. Copyright Horizon Aerial Photography.

A north Northumberland business that enables people to take spectacular aerial photos and videos is really starting to take off.

Horizon AP, which builds and operates small unmanned systems for aerial photography, cinematography and data-capture, was started two years ago by business partners Paddy Davies and Jack Wrangham, both ex-pupils of Alnwick’s Duchess’s Community High School.

One of the aerial systems.

One of the aerial systems.

The company, based at East Lilburn Farm, can either collect photos, videos and data itself or clients can buy the systems and receive training so they can use them.

And it has really started to pick up in the last six months, with the pair having completed the development of their second generation of systems, using multi-rotors.

“We started off with what was basically a giant remote-controlled helicopter,” said Paddy.

“We decided that they were so mechanically complex that they weren’t as reliable.

“The multi-rotor concept has been around since the 1970s but their capabilities have only really taken off in the last few years. When we built our first systems, the technology wasn’t achievable, but in the last year it’s really come on.”

Past projects for the pair have included a BBC documentary on bees shot in Kenya and, closer to home, working with the Bamburgh Research Project.

And the future, including expansion that could see jobs created locally, involves getting steady business.

“We are basically looking to get contracts, that’s where the longevity of the business is,” said Paddy.

“We have got the technology, if we can get the contracts, that will generate the income to say we can bring in two or three more people, more rigs or more vans so we can travel nationwide.

“We want to provide our service to businesses all over the country and overseas.”