Texels under the hammer


Three Borders Texel sales are highlights of the January 2014 in-lamb pedigree sheep at Carlisle’s Borderway mart, with sales from Brijon Texels from Northumberland, the Drinkstone flock in Hawick, and Tweed Texels from Berwickshire.

Scott Donaldson, sales director for Harrison and Hetherington, said: “In the commercial world, top quality prime lambs are sought after and regularly achieve a large premium above the average, and this is what is driving these pedigree sales.

“The interest in in-lamb pedigree sheep continues to grow, this is a relatively new phenomenon.

“Ten years ago, in-lamb sales of pedigree sheep were few and far between but now these are regular dates in the pedigree sheep sales diary.

The 2014 opening sale saw the auction of 179 pedigree Texel in-lamb ewes and gimmers from Arnold Park’s renowned Drinkstone flock on Monday.

On January 13, buyers will have the opportunity to take home quality in-lamb Texels from the Brijon flock run by Messrs Redhead and Watson, and from the Tweed flock of Neil Crighton.

The entire crop of MV-accredited and vaccinated 2012 females from the Tweed flock are going under the hammer, with the guarantee that they are in-lamb to either Langside Rolex or Teviot Rocket.

The flock’s EBVs have been recorded since 2002, and last year it was in the top 10 per cent for the breed, with the 2012 lambs third overall out of the 200 flocks monitored in the scheme.

Mr Crighton said: “These gimmers have shape, size and skins and I would have great confidence they will go on and perform for prospective buyers.”

The BrijonTexel flock, which is MV-accredited and vaccinated, is holding its first flock reduction sale on the same day. The flock’s entire in-lamb gimmer crop is up for sale.

Jonathon Watson said:“We have been breeding Texels since 1999, running 140 ewes, and we felt that this was the time to sell our entire lamb gimmer crop.

“With the commercial producer in mind from the outset, our aim has been to breed an easy-to-lamb Texel ewe for its carcase.

“For those considering purchasing I can confirm that they are easy-to-lamb sheep and in the 13 years since we started breeding every sheep has lambed naturally”

The outstanding sales are expected to attract buyers from far and wide.