Telecoms ‘Rottweiler’ says businesses are losing out

Jillian Scott
Jillian Scott

A self-proclaimed ‘consumer Rottweiler’ believes businesses are paying for the wrong telephone products.

Jillian Scott, runs Broadband Telephony VOIP Auditing Limited, which analyses the service, quality and the cost of telecoms that her clients are using, uncovering hidden costs and highlighting overpayments that in many cases can add up to thousands of pounds.

Jillian, who is based in Alnmouth, said: “Telecoms is now a highly competitive sector attracting huge sums of money and unfortunately that brings with it a lot of greed and unnecessary charging.

“But because firms aren’t always aware of the different types of packages that are available, they can end up paying much more than they should. Sadly too, in most cases, their supplier doesn’t tell them if they would be better off on a different tariff. We carry out a free audit and analysis and in many cases, we can obtain substantial credits for our clients without them having to change their telecoms supplier.”

One key area where clients commonly face problems is when they are changing their mobile equipment or contract.

Jillian said: “Mobile communications is a very complexly-priced industry, with both price plans and equipment changing all the time.

“An education on how the mobile industry works, and how deals are stacked up would be very advantageous for any customer who is tendering for their mobile contract.”

Jillian provides free telecoms audits and charges a commission based on the cost savings she identifies and credits that have been raised. In effect, she offers a ‘no win, no fee’ service, so if she cannot find any savings, her clients are not charged.

“I believe that I can save any company or receive a better level of service with existing suppliers and introduce ways of cost-cutting and obtaining credits without implementing any capital cost,” she said.

“However, If I do advise clients to swap suppliers, it’s because I uncover evidence of a lack of customer care, that the supplier has breached its service level agreement or when I’ve identified that the client would make large annual savings elsewhere.”

Jillian and her team work recently obtained credit notes of £24,000 from a supplier for a Manchester-based firm that has just one office and six members of staff.