Tailor-made solution to problems of feed

The team at Northumbrian Quality Feeds.
The team at Northumbrian Quality Feeds.

A leading Northumbrian organic animal feed company is diversifying into conventional feedstuffs to meet demand from livestock farmers preparing for another challenging winter ahead.

Family-run Northumbrian Organic Feeds has set up Northumbrian Quality Feeds to provide a comprehensive range of conventional feeds for customers across Northumberland and the Borders.

Livestock farmers Stuart and Wendy Hyslop originally founded the business in 2007, and have recently appointed experienced ruminant nutritionalist John Naylor as general manager to roll out the expansion from their base at Easington Farm, near Belford.

Stuart said: “Our business is run by farmers for farmers, so we set up Northumbrian Quality Feeds in response to feedback from customers who were looking for a good source of conventional feed locally.

“By expanding the business we can now provide both organic and non-organic farmers with quality local animal feed. Drawing on our wealth of experience in all sectors of the animal feed industry, we offer a wide range of high-quality products for ruminants, pigs and poultry tailored to each individual farm.”

Modern livestock farming methods mean that the days of throwing any old feed together in the trough are long gone. John is now driving forward the overall package provided by Northumbrian Quality Feeds, offering tailor-made solutions for individual farms. The service includes advice on nutritional and financial efficiencies, offering forage analysis, mineral analysis, stock blood testing ration formulation and costings.

John said: “These are challenging times for livestock farmers, so it is more important than ever to look at both financial and nutritional efficiencies.”

Northumberland Quality Feeds is holding an open day next month. Contact John on 07816 213801 or 01668 213400.