Strike it lucky

THE Northumberland Sheep Dog League held a nursery trial at West Fleetham, Seahouses, on Saturday.

Johny Robinson, from Coldingham, judged 18 dogs working unpredictable crossbred hoggs over a good flat course.

Results: 1 Tony Iley, Longframlington, with Strike, 89/100pts; 2 Alan Wallace, Bellingham, Flash, 86; 3 Alan Clark, Longhoughton, Cap, 72; 4 Michael Davidson, Wooler, Biddy, 71; 5 Scott Smith, Seahouses, Kim, 70; 6 Ron Macrae, Netherwitton, Coal, 68.

The novice prize went to Briddie Bennet, Longhoughton, with Jill, 66.