Simple steps to worm control strategies

THE UK sheep industry is now facing an ever-increasing problem of roundworms, which show resistance to anthelmintic drugs.

A free evening meeting with local case studies designed to help sheep farmers achieve more effective control of these parasites will be held at Alnwick Rugby Club on Monday, November 14.

During this meeting, Dr Fiona Kenyon, from the Moredun Research Institute in Edinburgh, will highlight a few simple steps which might make current worming strategies cheaper, more effective and less likely to result in a resistant worm problem.

Dr Kenyon said: “Anthelmintic resistant roundworms are a rapidly increasing problem for the UK sheep industry. Until recently, the focus of advice to farmers has been how to reduce the risk of developing anthelmintic resistance.

“However, at Moredun, we feel that the time has now come for us to focus on practical ways of managing drug resistance under modern farming conditions.

“There are no simple solutions or an overall blue-print for worm control.

This meeting will encourage farmers to work with their vet to develop a specific, targeted worming strategy for their farm.”

Dr Kenyon will be joined by Graeme Reavley, vet to Lilburn Estates, who will highlight the results of a Moredun worm control field trial that was carried out at Lilburn last year that resulted in cost and time savings and also boosted flock performance.

This free meeting – which is also a registered CPD event for vets and SQPs – has been organised by Moredun and is part of a National Animal Health Roadshow, consisting of 10 events which will cover a range of animal health problems.

The meeting, which has been funded by Novartis Animal Health, will be chaired by Ian Hall, general manager of Lilburn Estates and will begin at 7.30pm.

For further information contact Maggie Bennett at Moredun on 0131 445 5111 or visit