Sheepdog trial results

A NORTHUMBERLAND Sheepdog League trial was held at Ingram in conjunction with the Ingram Show On Saturday.

Several foreign competitors, who are in the UK for the up-coming World Trials at Penrith, were in attendance.

Ian Shearlaw, from Whittingham, judged 34 dogs working strong-willed texel and Cheviot cross ewes over a good hillside course.

Results: 1 Geoff Pringle, (Alwinton), with Mist, 90/100pts; 2 Gordon Watt, (Corbridge), Wallace, 84/100; 3 Colin Balmbro, (Wooler), Scott, 81/100; 4 Wiet Van Dongen, (Netherlands), Blaze 81/100; 5 Gordon Watt, Flo 78/100; 6 Colin Balmbro, Cap, 77/100.

Novice prize went to Charlie Halbutt, (Alwinton) with Don.

On Sunday, a Northumberland Sheepdog League trial was held at Whitfield in conjunction with the Whitfield village fair.

Competitors from Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, Japan and the USA, who are in the UK for the World Trial at Penrith, were in attendance.

Vanessa Reed, from Slaggyford, judged 50 dogs working Swaledale ewes that proved very testing in the extremely windy conditions.

Results: 1 Gordon Watt, (Corbridge), Wallace 91/100; 2 Gordon Watt, Flo 84/100; 3 Bevis Jordan, (Whitfield), Grizz 83/100; 4 Anna Oshman, (Denmark), Oktan 83/100; 5 Bevis Jordan, Tex 79/100; 6 Joyce Giere, (USA), Jim 79/100.

Novice prize went to Peter Telfer, (Haydon Bridge), with Meg.