Sheep dog trial results

The Northumberland Sheep Dog Trials League held an open trial at Powburn on Saturday.

Stuart Wallace, from Whittingham, judged 55 dogs working well-behaved Swaledale sheep over a big flat parkland course.

Results: 1 Michael Davidson (Wooler) with Sweep, 93/100pts; 2 Cameron Dickson (Coldingham) Rob, 93; 3 Brian Bell (Hamsterly) Moss, 92; 4 David Henderson (Allendale) Star, 92; 5 Paul Turnbull (Rothbury) Dot, 91; 6 Alan Wallace (Bellingham) Kate, 91. Best novice was Bridie Bennet (Longhoughton) Jill.

On Sunday, the league held an open trial at Flotterton.

Mark Elliot from Lazonby judged 55 dogs working good-to-handle Mule and Suffolk sheep over a very big hillside course.

Results: 1 Gordon Watt (Corbridge) Flo, 96; 2 Cameron Dickson (Coldingham) Rob, 95; 3 Gordon Watt, Reba, 95; 4 Colin Balmbro (Wooler) Scott, 92; 5 John Robinson (Coldingham) Mini, 92; 6 Bevis Jordan (Whitfield) Sage, 92. Best novice was Bridie Bennet (Longhoughton) Jill.