Sheep dog open trial results

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The Northumberland Sheep Dog League held two open trials at Kirknewton on Sunday.

Bobby Wood, from Duns, judged 42 dogs working strong Blackface sheep that were good to move over the flat course, but were difficult to put through the chute.

Results: 1 Keith Preston (Stow) with Nip, 88/100pts; 2 Bill Elliot (Yetholm) Moss, 86; 3 John Foster (Earlston) Rock, 86; 4 Colin Balmbro (Wooler) Scott, 86; 5 Cameron Dickson (Coldingham) Rob, 86; 6 Cameron Dickson, Tweed, 84.

Best Novice was Bridie Bennett (Longhoughton) with Jill.

At the Overacres trial held at Monkridge Hall, Ian Shearlaw, from Melrose, judged 38 dogs working flighty Mule sheep over a downhill, sloping course that needed careful persuasion to go into the pen.

Results:1 David Baxter (Harbottle) Don, 86/100; 2 Emma Gray (Elsdon) Roy, 84; 3 Mark Elliot (Lazonby) Dot, 83; 4 Mark Elliot, Pat, 80; 5 Bevis Jordan (Whitfield) Sage, 73; 6 Laurence Archer (Allendale) Tod, 72.