Shabby-chic hobby is proving successful

Sarah Weightman at Everlong.
Sarah Weightman at Everlong.

A hobby has turned into a dream business for a woman in Acklington.

Sarah Weightman started renovating furniture into a shabby-chic style as a hobby.

But after making items for her family, word of mouth spread and now she has created a business from her passion.

Launching Everlong in October, Sarah, 37, is one of a handful of stockists of Autentico chalk paint, and uses it to create unique pieces of furniture.

And because of her success, she is now running free workshops for people to have a go at using chalk paint for themselves.

The business is based at a barn in Acklington and the workshops are held at The Cart Shed.

Sarah said: “It has been a hobby of mine for a number of years and it has all escalated from there.

“I painted something for my mum and it just snowballed.”

Sarah’s partner Mick Ashurst runs the Black Swan in Alnwick and when Sarah created some unique pieces, people asked where they had been bought.

“Word of mouth has helped,” she said.

“But for me Facebook has just been brilliant.

“My website won’t be ready for a while so using Facebook has been a huge help.

“The workshops have been great. We’ve had people from as far away as Hartlepool coming along.

“And people can come along whatever their budget, they can learn new skills and they don’t have to have any money, that’s the beauty of it.”

Sarah is also going to be raising money for charity after inspiration from a customer.

A woman from Morpeth took part in a workshop and is raising money for her daughter to go abroad.

And Sarah is going to run a workshop, from which furniture can be sold, and all money raised will go towards the cause.

For more, see the Everlong Forever Painting group on Facebook.