Search for county’s oldest family firms

Daniel Turnbull, of R Turnbull & Sons in Alnwick.
Daniel Turnbull, of R Turnbull & Sons in Alnwick.

Family Business United is on the hunt to discover the oldest family firms in Northumberland.

There is often a lack of recognition and respect for the successful contribution that family businesses have made to the UK economy over the years, but Family Business United is on the look-out to find the oldest family businesses in the county.

Paul Andrews, founder and managing director, said: “The contribution that family firms have made over the years in terms of revenue generation, employment, contribution to GDP and tax revenues, not to mention their support of the communities in which they operate, should not go unnoticed and we are keen to identfiy family businesses of all sectors and sizes to compile the oldest in the region.

“The research is looking to uncover the real family businesses at the heart of the county, large and small, and with family business pioneers of the likes of Turnbulls of Alnwick dating back to 1880, we are sure there are some great firms that will be included in due course.”

To take part in the research, simply send an email with the name of the firm, the year it was founded and a short description of what the business does to