Saddle up for expert training

On November 19 we will see another fantastic training opportunity for farriers, vets and equine physiotherapists in the region.

Alnorthumbria Veterinary Group is very lucky to have secured an international line-up of vets and farriers for a day of lectures and practical-based demonstrations.

Speaking alongside FEI and senior racecourse vet at Newcastle, Lesley Barwise-Munro, are world renowned farriers Jason RoTramel, from the United States of America, and Jim Ferrie, consultant farrier to the Weipers Centre at Glasgow Veterinary Hospital.

The audience will have a unique opportunity to learn from Jason’s work with the research team at Wichita Equine and Sports Medicine when he shares his knowledge in the use of stem cell treatment for horses suffering from laminitis.

Lesley and Jim will concentrate on addressing the topic of hind limb lameness in the sports horse and what can be done to assist horses suffering either from unilateral or bilateral hind limb lameness.

Morning lectures will take place at the Ridley Arms, in Stannington, and delegates will then relocate to Fairmoor Equine Clinic for an afternoon of case-based farriery demonstrations, to include fitting clogs to a laminitic.

If you would like further information, please contact the clinic on 01670 897597.