Rumour sparks panic in renewables market

CONCERNED landowners and farmers inundated renewable specialist gfw-Renewables with phone calls last month, after the announcement that Scottish wind turbine manufacturer Proven Energy was ‘teetering on the brink of financial collapse’.

News quickly followed that the company’s P35-2 Flagship Turbine was experiencing ‘acute technical difficulties’.

According to Tony Potier, renewables contract manager for gfw-Renewables, these recent problems with Proven Energy have only served to highlight the importance of ensuring that all the Ts are crossed and the Is dotted before you progress with any renewable-energy project.

He said: “Clearly all our clients can rely on us to offer excellent advice and a clear route forward. We would recommend for any existing P35-2 owners who are concerned to seek independent advice.

“We are aware of the situation with Proven Energy and the concern it is causing. Gfw-Renewables has a number of clients from Aberdeenshire to North Lincolnshire who have either purchased or were seriously looking to purchase Proven Turbines.

“We hope the situation will be clarified shortly but in the meantime it is obviously causing great uncertainty and anyone concerned is welcome to give us a call.

“It is hoped a clearer update will be provided soon by the manufacturer. It seems the problem is relatively straight forward to correct but it has been further complicated by the uncertainty concerning Proven’s future ownership.

“Where we can we will certainly help guide people in the right direction and minimise disruption to their business.”

He added: “In conclusion, when you consider any project of this type, ensuring the security of your investment is paramount – you must make sure that the contract and insurance paperwork is fully reviewed.

“Keeping your options open for as long as possible so you are not tied into a specific model or turbine manufacturer/installer early in the process ensures that you retain much greater flexibility over your intended scheme.”

For more details contact Tony on 01665 603231.