Retirees ‘rightsize’ rather than downsize

The owners of a mobile-home park in north Northumberland say that they can offer a great lifestyle for retirees.

According to the data from retirement income specialists MGM Advantage, 18 per cent of the UK’s retired population have already downsized and around 12 per cent are planning to do it within the next five years.

But it’s not only about downsizing.

“People are beginning to use the term ‘rightsizing’ to explain their actual retirement needs and rightsizing is exactly what this is: Moving into a new home that suits a person’s needs,” said Alfie Best, chairman of Wyldecrest Parks, whose portfolio includes Bridgend Park in Wooler, where all the residents are aged 50-plus.

Life in a mobile home park is affordable, but not only that, it’s also about ‘living a dream of having, by retirement age, an appropriate but yet spacious and modern home’, Mr Best said.

“It’s the perfect lifestyle for those who are looking for a quiet and peaceful countryside retirement life, embedded within community spirit.

“It’s a gorgeous place to spend retirement life, full of community spirit and without the usual stress and concerns inherent to a life in big cities.”