Restaurant’s wine from Down Under has a local link

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A Bamburgh fish restaurant has cast its net Down Under to bring a new collection of wines to the village, originally being unaware of its connection with the rural beauty spot.

The Mizen Head, on the south-west end of the village, has started to stock the wine of John Turnbull Thomson, who founded the company Domaine Thomson Wines.

John Thomson was actually born in Bamburgh in 1821 on Glororum farm, just outside the village.

After being educated at Duns Academy in Berwickshire, John completed degrees at Aberdeen University then engineering at Newcastle University before leaving the country for more temperate climates. After travelling around Penang and Singapore, he found a home in New Zealand.

He went on to be instrumental in developing infrastructure in the early 19th century in Singpore and New Zealand.

While there, John founded the Domaine Thomson Wines company which exports all over the world, now adding his home village of Bamburgh to the list.

Alex Watson, owner of the Mizen Head, said that they were delighted to be stocking the wine.

He said the wine was ‘important to the heritage of the Mizen Head’ as the farm was in such close proximity to the restaurant.

The business has recently been expanding its range of wine with the slogan of wine, dine, recline.

The Mizen Head was taken over by Alex back in 2011 and he expanded the establishment to make it the hotel and restaurant that it is today. Wine can be bought by the glass or bottle.

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