Rare lambs are born

The Swiss Valais Blacknose lambs.
The Swiss Valais Blacknose lambs.

The first Swiss Valais Blacknose lambs have been born in the region.

The sheep are extremely rare, with only 3,000 in the world. Now two sets of twin lambs have been born at Prendwick Farm, Whittingham.

Farmer Jamie Wood imported a small group into the UK in the autumn of 2013.

The first two ewes lambed at the end of September with both mothers delivering twin ewe lambs.

Jamie said: “I am really pleased with the outcome and to have two sets of twin ewe lambs born is a huge boost to our fledgling flock.

“The ewes lambed very easily and have tremendous mothering instincts.

“We have undertaken embryo transfer work on another ewe and have transferred seven embryos into donor sheep. Hopefully, we will get in the region of five pregnancies and this will aid our flock expansion.

“We have had numerous inquiries and have even had interest from Europe, Canada and the US.”

He expects to increase flock numbers through ET work and then breed the ewes back to the ram, once the animals have been flushed.

His Swiss Valais Blacknose sheep can have two crops of lambs per annum. It is possible for a ewe to have between four and six ewe lambs annually, depending on the sex of the progeny.

Jamie will be exhibiting his Swiss Valais Blacknose ewes and lambs at Alwinton Show on Saturday.