Prizes and fund-raising at the mart

Charlie and Olivia Baird, of Kelso, who sold two lambs for The Doddie Weir Trust.
Charlie and Olivia Baird, of Kelso, who sold two lambs for The Doddie Weir Trust.

Harrison and Hetherington held it’s annual autumn sale of breeding cattle last month at St Boswells, where the entry of 244 head were forward.

A small show of quality heifers and calves were expertly judged by Craig Thomson, Lammerview, who awarded the Overall Champion to a single Aberdeen Angus.x heifer and Limousin calf from Messrs King, Gospelhall.

Singles: 1 Gospelhall; 2 Gospelhall; 3 High Keenley Fell. Pairs: 1 Gospelhall; 2 Hownam Grange; 3 Gospelhall.

Leading prices: Aberdeen Angus.x £2600, £2450, £2250 Gospelhall, £1800, £1750 (x2) Hownam Grange

Cows and calves. West Mains Dispersal (23) Simmental.x £1650, £1600, £1450 (x3), £1400, £1380. Belgian Blue.x £1550. Charolais £1320. Limousin £1320. Limousin £1550, £1450 (x2) South Falaknowe. Hereford.x £1350 (x 2), £1100 Belford on Bowmont. Aberdeen Angus.x £1280 Milrighall

Bulling heifers. Sim-luing £1520, £1450, £1180, £1150 Ettrickshaws, £1250 Wauchope, £1150 Arkleton. Aberdeen Angus.x £1240 Milrighall. Shorthorn.x £1160 Cliftonpark. Belgian Blue.x £1100 Grahamslaw. Simmental £1070 High Keenley Fell.

The second autumn sale of luing and sim luing heifers took place on behalf of The Luing Cattle Society.

Quality, well grown heifers met a highly satisfactory trade. The sale was topped at £1500 for two excellent pairs of Sim-Luing heifers, sold in-calf to the Aberdeen Angus bull from Ian McKie, Lanton Estate, purchased by the judge Mr P. Rogerson, Maison Gill, Appleby, and Mr D. Wilkinson, Ridley Stoke, Falstone.

Sim luing bulling heifers sold to a top of £1320 and £1300 from the Hon. RB Loder Children’s Settlement, Upper Chatto. Prior to the sale, the judges Messrs P and W Rogerson, made the following awards.

PRIZE WINNERS. Best pair of luing incalf heifers: 1 Floors Farming, Rawburn £1200; Best pair of sim-luing in-calf heifers: 1 I. McKie, Lanton Estate, Wooler £1500, 2 I. McKie, £1500; Best pair of luing bulling heifers: 1 Arbigland Farms, Castle Douglas £620, 2 Arbigland Farms £610; Best pair of sim-luing bulling heifers: 1 Floors Farming, Rawburn £1180; 2 The Hon R.D Loder Children’s Settlement £1310.

Top prices. Pedigree luing in-calf heifers £1200 Rawburn. Registered in-calf sim luing heifers £1500 (x2), £1400, £1300 (x3), £1280 Lanton Estate. Pedigree luing bulling heifers £620 and £610 Arbigland Farms. Registered sim luing bulling heifers £1320, £1300 Upper Chatto, £1200, £1180, £1120, £1080 Rawburn. Registered luing yearling heifers £500 Arbigland Farms. Unregistered cross yearling heifers £610, £600 Arbigland Farms.

• On October 23 a number of lambs were put up for sale with all returns donated to The Doddie Weir Trust.

The highlight was two lambs sold by Charlie and Olivia Baird, Kelso, which raised £455 each. Purchasers included Shaw Fine Meats and Steven Withers, Wester Ulston.

Also sold were two lambs from Messrs Helm, Haltree, £99 to J.A Waters & Sons. Mr R.Neill, Upper Nisbet, put up a Texel ewe for the charity, realising £120 to Mr Dan Kemp. Total raised £1312.