Nursery trial results

The Northumberland Sheepdog Trials League held a nursery trial at Chathill on Saturday, January 4.

John Robinson, from Coldingham, judged 16 nursery dogs and three new handlers working strong-willed half-bred sheep over a large flat course.

Results: 1 Ben Smith, Corbridge, with Fay, 85/100pts; 2 Tony Iley, Longframlington, Nidderdale Higgs, 84; 3 Willie Armstrong, Belford, Roy, 82; 4 Gordon Watt, Corbridge, Huthwaite Storm, 78; 5 Bevis Jordan, Whitfield, Bear, 74; 6 Alan Clark, Longhouton) Roy, 72.

Best novice was Sarah Wilson, Ingram, with Star. Best new handler was Angie Canham, Acomb, with Gem.