Northumberland Livestock


January 2

Harrison and Hetherington held its weekly Primestock sale of sheep, comprising of hoggs and ewes.

Good show forward, trade as expected 191p SQQ 196p.

Leading hogg prices per head: Texel £104, £87 Edlingham Newtown, £96, £87.50 Lilburn Estates, £95 Ford Castle Dairy, £94, £88.50 Newstead, £94, £92, £90 Kettleburn, £94, £90, £87 West Longridge, £90, £88 Craigs House, £89 Wandon, £88 Yetlington Lane.

Suffolk £94 Middle Ord, £92, £89 Kettleburn, £86 Yetlington Lane. Vendeen £88 (two) Craigs House. North Country Cheviot £86 (two), £84 Biddlestone Home Farm.

Leading hogg prices per kilo: Texel 216.1p West Longridge, 209.7p, 200p (two) 195.6p Yetlington Lane, 208.7p, 202.4p (two), 197.7p Lilburn Estates, 205.8p Newstead, 205.5p, 202.7p The Hagg, 196.3p Wandon.

Beltex 200p Yetlington Lane. Vendeen 195.6p Craigs House. Suffolk 190.2p Edlingham Newtown

Ewes. Small show with trade buoyant, topped by a superb pen of pure Texel ewes from Ford Castle Dairy.

Ewes: Texel £129 Ford Castle Dairy. £81 Craigs House. Suffolk £87 Venchen, £86 Kettleburn. Greyfaced £69 Venchen, £68 Craigs House, £65 West Longridge.