Northumberland Livestock


December 20

North East Livestock Sales sold 1,428 sheep, comprising 1,007 lambs and 421 cast ewes and rams.


A good variation of quality and weight met a strong trade with companies filling up orders prior to the holidays.

Sale overall 197p. SQQ 204p. Heavies making the biggest increase.

Sale was topped by two pens of big Cheviot lambs, both realising £110 from Humble Heugh.

Beltex 107.50, 101.50, 100 Annstead, 106, 97.50, 97 Keepwick, 100 Grange House, 97 Smallburn.

Texels 105, 99.50 Coneygarth, 103 South Bellshill, 100, 98.50 East Coldside, 99 Linden Hill Head, 97 Annstead.

Suffolks 101.50 South Rennington, Berryhill, 99 Newham Hall, 98 Howick Estates.

Char 97 East Coldside. Mules 85 Howick Scar, 82.50, 77.50 Blagdon Burn.

Beltex 280p, 233p Annstead, 266p, 227p Howick Scar, 241p, 238p, 234p, 232p Keepwick, 236p, 220p Grange House, 226p, 220p Smallburn, 225p Low Town.

Texels 223p, 220p, 218p Keepwick, 218p Norwoods, South Bellshill, Tritlington, Preston Mains. Char x 217p Boulmer.


A good show forward with a similar trade, the sale realising an overall average of £70.50.

The sale topped with a pen of strong Beltex ewes from Annstead, realising £147 to Yorkshire Meats, Ossett.

Texels 124, 113, 108 Annstead, 110, 106 East Town Farm, 100 Linden Hill Head, Dovecote.

Suffolks 108 Dovecote, 105 Warton, 101, 96 Newham Hall, 98 Holystone Estate, 97 Boulmer.

Half Bred 86 Warton, 80 Doxford.

Chev/Mule 88, 85 Tilesheds.

Mules 70 Low hall, East Newham, 66 Dovecote, 64 Boulmer, Waterside.

Black Face 55 Well Hill, 50 Newham Hagg, 46 Haugh Head.

Texel rams 126 Newham Hagg.

Lleyn rams 107 Thistleyhaugh.