Northumberland Livestock


July 5

North East Livestock Sales sold 46 prime cattle, including 12 cows and 2,029 sheep, comprising 1,261 lambs, 201 hoggs and 567 cast ewes.

Cattle: Cattle similar trade, with this week’s top honours going to Swarland Old Hall with a quality Limousin heifer, 241p, 233p Blagdon Burn, 225p South Bells Hill.

Lim Strs 230p Swarland Old Hall, 215p East Coldside, 212p 210p Bilton. Angus Hfrs 223p 218p The Heugh. Lim Strs 1415 East Coldside, 1411 Bilton, 1407 Swarland Old Hall. Sim Strs 1326, 1293 Warton. 1422, 1362 South Bells Hill.

Cows: More feeding types forward this week, with Angus cows leading the way at 148p Thrunton, 146p, 135p Hope House.

Lim x 138p Fenham Hill. Angus 1238 Hope House, 1162 Thrunton.

Lambs: All classes slightly easier again this week, with overall average of 211p. Quality and well fleshed lambs still selling extremely well.

Beltex 265p, 254p, Annstead, 258p Roseden, 248p Swarland Old Hall, 241p Herds House. Texel 247p West Lane End, 244p Howick Estates, 243p Old Deanham, 238p Howlett Hall, 236p Fenham Hill, 235p South Carter Moor. Suffolk 234p Gallowmoor, 232p Howick Estates. Texel 124 Old Deanham, 119 Howlett Hall, 118 Fenham Hill, 117 Howick Estates, 117 Gallowmoor.

Beltex 109 Swarland Old Hall, 106, 105 Annstead, 102 Nesbit, 100 Moralees. Char x 121 South Lyham, 118 Newton Greens, 115 Fenham Hill. Suff x 102 Nesbit, 101 Old Deanham.

Hoggs: Hoggs still coming forward, with well fleshed types continuing to sell.

Texel 100 Norwoods, 83 Newham Buildings, 75, 70 Thrunton, BF 69, 64 Newham Buildings, 66 Hedgeley Farms.

Ewes: Great show of ewes forward this week, with many weaned grazing types coming on the market now.

Texel 130,120 Old Deanham, 128 Low Espley, 110 Preston Mains, 109 Chevington Moor, 109 Brinkburn Newhouses. Suff 125 Roseden, 116 Corn Hill, 110 Rashercap, 109 Chevington Moor. Mules 92 Pasture Hill, 85 Middle Ord, 80 Swarland Old Hall, 78 Folly House, 78 Hedgeley Farms. Chev 61 Great Ryle, 60 Broomford. Swales 60 Hedgeley Farms.

Rams 100 West End Farm.