Northumberland Livestock


October 12

North East Livestock Sales sold 56 prime cattle including 17 cast cows and 3515 sheep comprising 2607 lambs and 908 cast ewes and rams.


A better show forward.

Sale topped with a smart Limousin heifer 262p IE & JH Brown, South Bellshill bought by R Turnbull & Sons, Alnwick. Lim hfrs 233p, 231p, 226p Make Me Rich bought by butcher’s R Green & Son, Longframlington, R Turnbull & Sons and R Martin, Morpeth, 228p, 219p Blagdon Burn, Lim strs 245p, 221p South Bellshill to R Turnbull & Sons, C Nicholson & Son, Whitley Bay.

Lim hfrs 1598 South Bellshill, 1506, 1325 East Coldside, 1420, 1372 Make Me rich, Angus strs 1532, 1509 Tughall Grange, Lim strs 1519 South Bellshill, 1390 Eslington Park.


Still good to cash, especially flesh.

Angus 1400, 1235 (147p, 128p) South Lyham, 1146, 1132 (139p) Yetlington, 1104, 1100, 1078 (136p, 128p) West Bolton, Lim 1165 (154p) Make Me Rich, 1145, 1108 (170p, 148p) Widdrington.


With more numbers everywhere and more grass-fed types again appearing, all classes cheaper on the week.

Beltex 93, 86, 85, 84 Annstead, 89.50 Howick Scar, 86.50 South Bellshill, 84.50 Wooden, 84 Glanton Town, Texels 88 Dunstan Square, 87 Blagdon Burn, 85 Duddo Hill, Tuthill, South Bellshill, South Charlton, 84.50 East Coldside, Suffolks 83.50 Rashercap, Wallhouses, Tuthill, 83 South Bellshill, 82 East Ditchburn, Blagdon Burn.

Beltex 205p, 195p, 190p Annsteads, 195p Glanton, 189p Low Espley, Texel 187p East Trewick, 185p Herds House, Glanton, 184p Little Bavington.


Heavies still good to cash, Mules, hill and lighter ewes all easier in line with national trend and time of year. Overall average £59.50.

Texels 94, 85 Corneyside, 90 Chester Hill, 90 West Milbourne, 88 Make Me Rich, Tosson Tower, 86 East Trewick, Beltex 88, 85 Annstead, Suffolk 92 Prior Hall, 88 Chester Hill, Wooden, Tosson Tower, 85 South Bellshill, 84 Warton, 84 Thrunton Red House, 83 Yetlington, 82 Great Ryal, Leics 80 Linkshead, Char 82 West Milbourne, Cheviot 74 Warton, H Breds 75 Southside, Mules 61 Low Hall, 57 Chester Hill, 56 Make Me Rich, South Bellshill, Black Face 48 Westend, 43 Rosebrough, Texel rams 92 Low Town.