Northumberland Livestock


August 30

Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of sheep.

Sold 1010 Lambs and 288 Ewes and Rams.

A much larger show of lambs forward showing a major rise on the week. All classes saw unprecedented demand.

Leading prices per head: Texel: £95, £92, £91.50, £91, £88 Henlaw, £90 South Bellshill, Bewick Folly, Yetlington Lane, Low Middleton and Elwick, £88 Newstead. Suffolk: £87 Castlelaw, £86 Low Middleton, Beltex: £86.50, £83 (two) Chillingham Home Farm, Mule: £80 East Newburn.

Leading prices per kilo: Beltex: 224.7p, 215.6p, 207.5p, Chillingham Home Farm, Texel: 215.7p Springhill, Berwick upon Tweed, 214.3p. 202.7p Yetlington Lane, 210.3p, 210p, 209.9p, 204.9p, 200p (two) Henlaw, 207.5p East Newburn, 206.1p, 201.2p Bewick Folly, 202.4p Kettleburn, 201.2p Mindrum Farming Co, 200p Low Middleton, Millenium Bleu: 218.1p Islay Hill, Suffolk: 192.5p Henlaw, 188.8p Islay Hill, 187.5p Todrig.

Ewe numbers similar and dearer. A classier show forward.

Leading prices: Suffolk: £112, £94 Low Middleton, £92 Chillingham Home Farm, Texel: £94, £85 Chillingham Home Farm, £84 South Charlton, Cheviot Mule: £84, £80 Bewick Folly, £79 South Charlton, £77 (two) High Learchild, Mule: £75.50, £74 Kettleburn, £75 Low Middleton, £74 Castlaw and Sandylands, £72 Lilburn Estates and Craigs House.

Rams: Texel £88 Lilburn Estates.