Northumberland Livestock


August 31

North East Livestock Sales sold 36 prime cattle and cows, 3506 sheep comprising 2484 lambs and 1022 cast ewes and rams.

Cattle: With six-day rule and good weather a small show of cattle was forward selling to average 220p.

BB hfr 240p Herds House, Lim hfrs 235p, 232p East Coldside, 232p Herds House, Char hfrs 218p South Bellshill, Angus strs 219p, 217p Warton.

Cows: A good show of fit and feeding cows averaging 139p overall.

Char 1517, 1240, 1218 (185p, 165p, 150p) Low Burradon, Hereford 1145 (139p) Hazon House, Shorthorn 1260, 1121 (162p, 154p) North Swinhoe, Limousin 1037 (146p) Hazon House, Aged bull 1490 (120p) Low Burradon.

Lambs: More heavies shown, all classes well sold. SQQ 195p, Heavies 188p.

Texels 107 Beal Bank, 106.50, 104 South Bellshill, 106, 105, 99 Rugley, 105, 100 Cornhills, 100 Middleton Mill, 100.50 Wallhouses, 100, 99 Brinkburn Newhouses, 99 Howick Estates, Craster, Edlingham Demesne, Char 100 South Ryal, 96.50 Halton Red House, Beltex 99.50, 97 East Trewick, 98, 97 Watch Hill, 98 Make Me Rich, 97.50 Bothal Barns, 96.50 Matfen, Suffolk 98.50, 97 Elilaw, 98, 97 South Bellshill, 98 Blagdon Burn, Springhill.

Beltex 224p, 215p, 214p Matfen Estates, 218p Lilburn Estates, 220p Watch Currock, 220p Watch Hill, 217p Bothal Barns, 214p Herds House, Texels 220p, 211p Corneyside, 216p, 212p East Trewick, 214p Cornhills, 213p Edlingham Demesne, 210p, 209p Watch Currock, 212p South Carter Moor.

Ewes: More small and hill ewes forward but every bit as dear. Overall £66.

Texels 112 Broom Hall, 112 Newham East, 102 Thrunton Red House, South Broomford, 99 Cornhills, 98, 97 High Trewhitt, 97 East Trewick, Suffolk 124, 100 Black Heddon, 100 Howick Estates, 98 Elwantlaw, South Ryal, 97 Blagdon Burn, Mule 83 Prestwick Mill, 78 High Trewhitt, Make Me Rich, Black Heddon, 76 North Bellshill, Howick Estates, Char 95 Wooden, 94 Burnhouse, Half Bred x 94 Lemmington Hill Head, 93 East Coldside, Black Face 73, 66 Broom Hall, Chev/Mule 88 North Swinhoe, Char x 89 Fallowlees, Beltex 91, 90 Herds House, Texel rams 129 Tosson Tower, 112 Low Hall, 108 Middleton Mill, 105 Prestwick Mill.