Northumberland Livestock


July 12

Harrison and Hetherington held its weekly Primestock sale of sheep. Sold 841 lambs and 231 ewes and rams.

Lamb numbers slightly greater, but a slight ease in trade along with national trends.

Lambs per head: Texel £100 Mid Edrom, Barmoor Ridge and Holy Island, £98 Kettleburn and Barmoor Ridge, £95 Edlingham Newtown and Shipley Smallburn, £93 Lorbottle, £92 Holy Island, £91 West Longridge.

Beltex £96, £90, £89.50 Chillingham Home Farm, £90, £88 Bewick Folly. Suffolk £95 (three) Low Middleton and Edlingham Newtown, £92 Low Middleton, £90 East Newburn. Cheviot £80 Humbleheugh. Mule £80 East Newburn. Charolais £82 Shipley Smallburn.

Lambs per kilo: Beltex 243p, 233.8p, 229.5p Chillingham Home Farm, 225.6p, 219.4p, 219.2p Bewick Folly. Texel 233.3p Kettleburn, 228.6p Edlingham Newtown, 227.5p West Longridge, 225.3p Barmoor Ridge, 225p Shipley Smallburn, 221.3p Black Heddon. Suffolk 214p, 213.5p Low Middleton.

Ewe numbers larger, a great trade again.

Ewes: Texel £131.50, £118 Edlingham Newtown, £127 Shepherds Cottage. Texel £103.50 East Newburn, £103 South Falaknowe, £100 Berryhill and Shepherds Cottage.

Suffolk £110 Berryhill, £103, £99 Chillingham Home Farm, £99 Edlingham Newtown, £98 South Falaknowe and Todrig, £96 West Longridge, £95 Edlingham Newtown, Mid Edrom and Berryhill.

Lleyn £89, £84 Shepherds Cottage. Mule £84.50 Edlingham Newtown, £82 Berryhill, £80 West Hall, Lorbottle and South Falaknowe.

Rams: Suffolk £125, £113, £110 Kypie. Texel £100 Kypie.