Northumberland Livestock


June 15

North East Livestock Sales sold 41 prime cattle and 1,679 sheep, comprising 1,244 lambs, 133 hoggs and 302 cast ewes.

Cattle: A touch better on the week. Clean 211p, Bulls 200p.

Lim hfrs 238p, 228p Bilton. B Blue hfrs 236p, 224p Herds House. Char hfrs 230p Craster. Angus hfrs 223p, 216p Burnhouse, 218p, 212p Craster.

Lim strs 222p Bilton, 213p Blagdon Burn. Angus strs 214p East Fleetham.

Lim bulls 205p (two) Herds House, 204p Blagdon Burn.

Char hfrs 1449 Craster. Angus hfrs 1435, 1323 Craster. Blonde hfrs 1332 Woodwell. Lim strs 1416 Bilton, 1406, 1390, 1378 Blagdon Burn.

Lambs: Weight and quality a similar trade, lighter, more commercial types, easier. SQQ 235p, Heavies 235p, Overall £101.30.

Texel 124 (two), 121.50 Gallowmoor, 121 South Bellshill, 121 Preston Mains, 115 Make Me Rich, Chester Hill. Suffolks 125, 115, 114.50 Gallowmoor, 118.50 South Bellshill, 117 Nesbit, 115, 114.50 Bank Top. Vendeen 121 South Lyham. Beltex 115 (two) Annstead, 111.50 Nesbit.

Beltex 280p, 271p, 267p, 263p Annstead, 279p, 268p Fowberry Moor, 260p Nesbit. Texel 258p Preston Mains, 252p (two) South Bellshill, 251p Old Deanham, 250p Brinkburn Newhouses.

Hoggs: Fleshy types still over £100.

Texels: 116 Nelson Drive, 109 (two) Chevington Moor, 109 Unthank. Char 110 (two) Southfield. Suffolk 108 Old Felton, 106 East Fleetham, 104 Bank Top, 103 Charlton Hall. Cheviots 105, 103 Ferneybeds, 100 Hemscott Hill. Beltex 102 Birchwood, Black Face 99 Birchwood.

Ewes: Overall average £86. Leaner and hill types an excellent trade, over fat sorts still steady away.

Suffolk Rams: 133 East Trewick. Texel Rams 126 North Swinhoe, 114, 112 East Trewick, 106 Houndalee. Beltex Rams 112 Clifton Lane. Char Rams 100 Southfield.

Texel ewes 114 Houndalee, 101 Elsdon Burn, 100 Old Deanham, East Trewick, East Fleetham, Brinkburn Newhouses. Suffolks 106 East Fleetham, 105, 100 Southfield, 104 Brinkburn Newhouses, Old Deanham, 102, 99 Ingoe Low Hall, Half Bred 98 Southfield, Old Deanham, Lemmington Hill Head.

Black Face 79 Unthank. Cheviot 80 Shaw House. Swale 67 Blackhalls. Mules 77 Southfield, 75 Donkin Rigg.