Northumberland Livestock


May 9

Harrison & Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store Cattle.

Sold 104 Store Cattle.

Slightly more cattle on offer, good show of buyers to easily maintain good rates as seen on previous weeks.

Leading Prices Per Head – Steers: Limousin: £1160 Springfield, Berwick, £1040 Brockley Hall. Aberdeen Angus: £1140 Springfield, Berwick, £910, £880 Shawdon Woodhouse, £870 South Ord. Montbeliarde: £1140 Abberwick and East Bolton, £1090 Springfield, Berwick. Charolais: £1050, £1020, £990 Fawdon Farms. Hereford: £1050 Springfield, Berwick.

Leading Prices Per Head – Heifers: Aberdeen Angus: £1370, £1250, £1210 Springfield, Berwick. Charolais: £960, £860 Fawdon Farms. Limousin: £920, £890 Fawdon Farms, £880 Brockley Hall

Leading Prices Per Kilo – Steers: Aberdeen Angus: 280.6p, South Ord 267.7p Shotton, 259.4p, 252.5p, 229.7p Wandon. Charolais: 269.7p, 267.6p Fawdon Farms. Limousin: 255.4p, 253.1p, 252.2p Shotton. Montbeliarde: 182.4p Abberwick & East Bolton, 165.2p Springfield, Berwick. Hereford: 178p Springfield, Berwick

Leading Prices Per Kilo – Heifers: Limousin: 259.3p South Ord, 255.6p Fawdon Farms, 250p Brockley Hall. Charolais: 249.4p, 225.1p, 214.1p Fawdon Farms. Aberdeen Angus: 240.4p Springfield, Berwick, 235.3p Wandon, 233.8p Shotton.