March 22

Sold 352 hoggs and 138 ewes and rams.

Fleshed hoggs easily sold, lean types difficult. Inspec showing a significant rise on the week.

Hoggs per head: Texel £88.50p Mindrum Farming Co, £88 South Ditchburn, Lilburn Estates-Roseden, £85 Mindrum Farming Co, £84 East Newburn, £83, £82 Mindrum Farming Co. Suffolk £84.50p, £79.50p Brandon, £76 Lilburn Estates-Roseden.

Beltex £80 Moorlaws, £77 East Newburn, £74.50p Villlage Farm. Cheviot £79.50p, £77 Linhope Farming Partnership. Zwartble £77.50p Mindrum Farming Co.

Mule £73.50p East Newburn, £72, £71 West Longridge. Blue faced Leicester £73 Moorlaws. Rouge £73 East Newburn. Shetland £72.50p Mindrum Farming Co.

Hoggs per kilo: Beltex: 212.9p Village Farm, 197.4p East Newburn, 186p Moorlaws.

Texel 202.3p Lilburn Estates–Roseden, 200p Yetlington Lane, 195.6p South Ditchburn, 195p Lorbottle Farm, 194.6p, 191.5p Mindrum Farming Co. Cheviot 170.3p Linhope Farming Partnership.

Ewes: Another mixed show, but again a great trade.

Ewes: Texel £129 Shepherds Cottage, £93 Lorbottle Farm, The Villa, Bowsden, £91 Lorbottle Farm, £88 Lilburn Estates–Roseden, Shipley Lane.

Suffolk £104.50p South Falaknowe, £102 Shipley Lane, £99 Hillcrest Livestock, £98 South Falaknowe, £96 Shipley Lane, £89 Kettleburn, £86 Milfield Demesne.

Mule £77.50p Shipley Lane, £71 East Newburn. Romney £74.50p Lanton Estate. Blackface £62, £55 Burncastle.