Northumberland Livestock


September 13

Annual Wooler Fair

Harrison and Hetherington held its annual Wooler Fair. Sold 504 ewes and gimmers, 25 ewe lambs, 54 store lambs and 32 store cattle.

In conjunction with the fair was the reduction of the Holy Island flock on behalf of Jimmy and Martin Patterson. A busy ring of buyers proved choosey, but all classes sold readily.

Holy Island: Suffolk cross four crop £100. Texel 2 crop £135, Texel 1 crop £145.

Gimmers £130. Gimmers: Mule: £140 (two), £135, £130 Ford Westfield. Suffolk cross: £128 Fawdon Farms.

Store cattle very easily cleared.

Leading Prices: Steers – Limousin Cross: £1300, £1190, £1130, £1060 Newstead. 12 months: £1020 (three) Great Ryle. Charolais Cross: £1210, £1190, £1130, £1110 Newstead.

Leading Prices: Heifers – Charolais: £1200, £1110, £1090, £1000 Newstead. Limousin Cross: £1140, £1020 Newstead.

Per Kilo: Steers – Limousin to 240.4p Great Ryle.

September 14

Harrison and Hetherington held its weekly Primestock sale of sheep. Sold 814 lambs and 279 ewes and rams.

Numbers less due to rules and regulations, as was interest. All classes easier on the week, with national trend.

Lambs per head: Texel: £90 Lorbottle and Black Heddon, £85 Yetlington Lane, Black Heddon and Lickar Moor, £82 West Longridge. Beltex: £85, £80 Lorbottle, £82, £80 (two) Ladykirk. Suffolk: £84, £80 Castlelaw. Cheviot: £80 South Charlton. Mule: £80 Edlingham Newtown.

Lambs per kg: Beltex: 207.3p Lorbottle, 195.1p, 192.8p Ladykirk. Texel: 200p Yetlington Lane, 190p Lorbottle, 188.2p Black Heddon, 188p No 8 Mordington and West Longridge. Suffolk: 177.5p Lilburn Estates.

Ewe numbers also lighter, less on the week.

Ewes: Texel: £100 Lilburn Estates, £80 South Ord.

Beltex: £83 Reavley Greens. Suffolk: £80 Lickar Moor. Cheviot: £70 South Ord.

Mule: £60 Ladykirk. Blackfaced: £52 Reavley Greens

Rams: Texel: £100 Black Heddon.