Northumberland Livestock


September 7

Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of sheep.

Sold 1,719 lambs and 495 ewes.

More lambs on offer, resulting in another buyer being present, with lambs dearer on the week to average 184p.

Lambs per head:

Beltex: £105 (two), £101, £98.50, £90, £88, £85 Henlaw, £90, £84 (two) Fowberry Moor, £84 Chillingham Home Farm. Texel: £88 Black Heddon, £88 Yetlington Lane, £86.50 Kimmerston, £85 The Hagg, Branton Eastside, Ladykirk (two) and Lorbottle, £84.50 (two) Renner Farming, £84 Lorbottle, South Charlton and Biddlestone Home Farm. Suffolk: £86 Branton Eastside, £85 Branton Eastside (J Elliott), £84.50 Great Ryle.

Lambs per kg:

Beltex 233.3p, 229.5p, 218.9p, 210.5p, 210.3p, 210.1p, 210p, 202.3p, 200p Henlaw, 205.3p, 205.1p, 197.5p Chillingham Home Farm, 195.7p Fowberry Moor. Texel: 205.1p Marshall Meadows, 202.4p 197.6p, 196.3p Ladykirk, 198.8p The Hagg,