Northumberland Livestock


June 22

Harrison and Hetherington held its weekly Primestock sale of sheep.

Sold 917 lambs, 30 hoggs and young sheep and 111 ewes.

In conjunction with the weekly sale was the annual Summer Show and Sale, which was awarded to Mr J Scott Smith, Village Farm, Seahouses, by expert judge Mr J Curle, Bowsden, for a pen of Texel Cross lambs, weighing 40kg and selling at £101 to the judge Mr J Curle.

Reserve champions came from Chillingham Home Farm for Beltex, weighing 37kg and selling at £90, also to the judge.

Lambs forward in similar numbers, and all classes in very firm demand, proving a substantial rise on the week. Lambs per Head: Texel: £101, £93, £88 Village Farm, Seahouses, £87, £81 Great Ryle, £85, £82 Fawdon Farms, £85, £80 South Falaknowe, £82.50, £82 Ladykirk, £82 Black Heddon and Springhill, Seahouses, £81.50 Fowberry Moor, £81 West Longridge.

Suffolk Cross: £99, £94 Lilburn Estates, £95.50, £91, £84 Brockley Hall, £83, £82.50 Hillcrest, £82.50 Springhill, Seahouses, £80 Great Ryle. Beltex: £90, £80 (two) Chillingham Home Farm, £80 Ladykirk.

Lambs per kg: Texel Cross: 252.5p, 212p Village Farm, Seahouses, 205.6p Fowberry Moor, 205p Fawdon Farms and Black Heddon, 203.9p, 200p Marshall Meadows, 200p Springhill, Seahouses, Great Ryle and Hillcrest.

Beltex: 243.2p, 231.9p, 216.2p, 214.3p, 205.7p, 205.6p, 205.3p Chillingham Home Farm, 200p Ladykirk. Suffolk Cross: 202.9p Fowberry Moor, 201.2p Hillcrest.

Hoggs and young sheep sold to £74.50 and 135.5p Chatton Park.

Ewe numbers tighter, but again trade roaring. Ewes: Texel: £120 (two) Wrangham East, £99 Hillcrest, £96 Fowberry Moor. Suffolk Cross: £119 Lilburn Estates, £100 Shipley Lane, £90 Fowberry Moor. Mule: £67.50 Shipley Lane, £67 Wagtail. Blackfaced: £73, 3 Newburn Holdings.

June 29

At Wooler, on Wednesday, June 29, Harrison and Hetherington held its weekly Primestock sale of sheep.

Sold 1,014 lambs, 15 hoggs and young sheep and 228 ewes and rams.

Lamb numbers larger, but a decent show saw rates similar on the week. Larger numbers required.

Lambs per Head: Texel: £90 Greenhead, Reston, £88 Holy Island, £85 Doune Brae, Greenhead, Reston and Ladykirk, £84 Great Ryle and Kettleburn, £83 Ladykirk. Bleu: £91 Craiglea.

Suffolk: £90, £88 (two) Holy Island, £84 Low Middleton. Beltex: £90 Chillingham Home Farm, £84 Craiglea.

Lambs per kg: Beltex: 230.8p, 205.4p, 205.3p, 202.7p Chillingham Home Farm, 200p Craiglea. Texel: 205p, 200p Ladykirk, 202.5p Village Farm, Seahouses and Black Heddon, 200p Low Middleton, Holy Island, Marshall Meadows, Kettleburn and Islay Hill. Suffolk: 195.6p Holy Island, 195.3p Low Middleton.

Hoggs and young sheep sold to £74 Holy Island and to 135.3p per kilo Ladykirk.

Ewes again dear, more needed.

Ewes: Texel: £119.50 Middle Ord, £119 Elwick, £110 Ashcraig, £94 North Wing, Bolton. Suffolk: £93 The Peels, £91.50 Middle Ord and West Longridge, £91 Holy Island. Mule: £70.50 The Peels, £70 Middle Ord. Rams: Texel: £119 Elwick.